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By Madeleine Glick, Jul 13 2014 11:12PM

It’s time for spring-cleaning. Although it may be cold and dreary outside, spring is just around the corner. We are going to begin at the entrance to your home. Walk through your home or apartment beginning right outside your front door. Many people accumulate clutter on their walkway outside their home. Recent Feng Shui clients had several potted plants on their front walkway. Left over from the previous summer, the plants all had dry, dead leaves and stems. Dead plants outside your front door are not going to attract positive energy into your life. Remember that your front door is the conduit for all the positive energy in the universe to enter into your home and into your life. We don’t want to block this energy flow in any way.

Here are some solutions:

1) First of all, throw away the dead plants and reduce the number of pots. Two is sufficient for an average walkway. Replace the dead plants with evergreens.

2) Protect your home from outside negative influences with a BaGua mirror

3) If possible, hang a wind chime right in front of the door. The ringing of the chime attracts beneficial ch'i (energy) into your home and your career sector.

4) Repair broken stones or steps so that your path is smooth. Now, you are ready to enter your front door, foyer, or hallway. Shoes, bikes, umbrellas, coats, etc… are common sources of clutter in this area. Many foyers are dark and narrow, and insufficient lighting can negatively impact the energy in your home.

Once you remove or reorganize the clutter, brighten up your entrance with lighting, Feng Shui Crystals , and mirrors. A crystal ball is a simple solution for a foyer because it enables both light and positive energy to circulate in your home. The Chinese often hang plaques to attract good fortune into their home. Cindy, a feng shui client, asked me to evaluate her architect’s blueprints for an expanded, remodeled apartment. I expected a spacious foyer; however, on the contrary, the foyer was narrow and included space on both sides for custom-made shoe racks. When I explained to Cindy that the shoes were better off in the closet, she revised the plans with the architect. Speaking of closets, the first comment from my feng shui clients is often: “Don’t open that closet door.” It’s very easy to just throw everything in your closet, especially if you are lucky enough to have a lot of them. My bedroom closet used to be full of clothing, much of it not worn in years. More recently, my local thrift shop has been the recipient of some great clothes. A good rule with clothing is – If you haven’t worn in three years, it’s time to get rid of it.

Now it is time for you to walk through the rest of your home. Keep in mind that your home is a reflection of your self and what you manifest into your life. If all your clutter collects in your career area (the front entrance) and you can’t find a new job, then it’s time to clean up. This concept applies to all the other areas of the Bagua as well. (Refer to the Bagua map for more details.) After you clean, spray Energy Clearing as you walk through the rooms to literally clear the air and lift your spirits. Hopefully, you’ll approach spring-cleaning this year with a positive attitude. If cleaning the entire house is too overwhelming, try my favorite feng shui cure for clutter: Throw away or give away nine things that you no longer use or need. Don’t forget to add your feng shui cures. A new job or a bonus might be just around the corner.

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