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Feng Shui Design Tips

MJG Designs uses the BaGua as the primary tool to evaluate your space. The BaGua is an octagon-shaped symbol with the trigrams (lines) from the I Ching, The Book of Changes, and the yin/yang symbol in the center. Placement of Feng Shui cures is determined by the BaGua. Feng Shui cures can include: crystal balls, plants, Chinese coins & aromatherapy.

Think of the BaGua as a map of your life. When placed over your home or office, each area of your space corresponds to an area of your life. The BaGua is overlaid seamlessly over your entire home or office. The front of your home or office falls either in the knowledge, career, or helpful people areas. Always line up your front door with this area of the BaGua. Feng Shui consultants may ask you which area of the BaGua you would like to address the most.

Design Tips for the Marriage/Relationship/Partnership Area: Your relationship area is always in the far right corner of your home or office. Make a note of the floor plan of your home or bedroom. An L-Shaped space may be missing one area of the BaGua. If it is in the far right corner than enhancing this area can help your relationships. Here are some ways to energize, transform, and attract new relationships: Fresh flowers - especially pink ones (the color pink is most closely associated with this area of the BaGua.) Hang a pink crystal in the right hand corner of your home and your bedroom to harmonize the ch'i in your relationship. Feng Shui crystals can also be used in offices. Mirrors - Round mirrors are best in a bedroom and/or over your bed to create a harmonious relationship. Wedding Photos - Place them in the relationship area of your home and in the relationship area of your bedroom. Aromatherapy Fragrances - Perfumes, room sprays, incense or candles are all Feng Shui cures for the relationship area. MJG Designs makes individualized aromatherapy products to enhance your love life. For wedding ceremonies, gifts, or as a feng shui cure, contact us about MJG Designs Marriage Charm Bracelet which features Chinese double happiness charms for good luck.

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